Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pancake Feed at Fort Riley, Kansas

WOW, what a day we had! There was an unbelievable turnout for the pancake feed. There were lots of kids and adults...did I mention a lot of kids? We got to meet so many people today and spent hours telling them who we are. We showed off some of our mad skills and even let those that wanted, give US commands instead of our human handlers!

As soon as we arrived this morning we were in full work mode.

Raj was ready for action!

Lassiter dove right in and started teaching.

As did Chloe.

Putnam quickly followed suit....Putnam buddy, where are you?

Ah ha, there he is, what a ladies man!!

Then Mike and Fancy arrived and stole the show. Fancy is a real service dog from CCI. Fancy got to show off all those "big dog" commands that we'll learn at Canine College one day. Us pups just watched in amazement while Fancy was working.

TBG just happened to be around taking pics when Chloe heard that she would be getting a little sister soon. I don't think she took the news well!

While I was outside greeting people I met one particular girl who asked a lot of questions about me. Well, I appreciated THAT, and she spent some time scratch'n and rub'n on me. Ahhh the good life I tell ya! Here's a shot of me and Carly (sorry if I spelled it wrong, my human did not take notes very well). Thanks for stopping by today!!

After 3 hours of non stop teach'n, we all pretty much looked like Put!!

We packed up our gear, said some goodbyes and then Raj and Putnam headed on back to Kansas City. Me, Chloe, Lassiter and Fancy went over to the Conference Center to take in a few more sights.

The "City" folks were interested in the Mules.

While I thought the deadly rattlesnake was pretty interesting. OK, so it was just a Rat snake, but it was still cool!

After all that action, we headed into Manhattan. The humans had lunch and us pups (and Fancy) took a much deserved siesta.

And as we were pulling into the garage, Deb woke me up out of my deep sleep. Yeah, so I was a little groggy........SO!


  1. That backseat picture is precious!

  2. What a great event. I bet you are very tired after all that smoozing with the public! What great ambassadors you guys were!!!

  3. We are so proud of ALL OF YOU! Way to go!

    I hope you all (canines and humans) can rest up and recover from your adventures.

    Everyone looks great!
    :) De and Winslow


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