Saturday, June 5, 2010

Went for a hike today

The humans were going skiing today, so they decided to give me some exercise before they went. We headed out from the house and down the drive.

Here's a shot after we turned onto the "main" road.

Here are a couple pics of my spread....well, not mine actually, but there aren't any neighbors!

This is where we turned around, Deb and Jeb used to walk to this same tree.....before the power people cut it down.

A couple of me and TBG walking back, jeez he has some chicken legs!

I thought this was a cool flower.

Finally, TBG let me have the camera so I could take a few pics!

My view of the terrain

Here's a pic of TBG, what a goof!

and the best for last.........self portrait. Look deep into my eyes!

All told, we walked about 3 miles. I was pretty tired and actually thankful they put me in my kennel when they went to the lake. Nothing like a little R&R on a Saturday afternoon.

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