Sunday, June 20, 2010

Run-Shunga And All That

Woke up and headed into town for Run-Shunga! That's a 1.5 mile walk that TBG (The Big Guy) and SWMBO (She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed) signed up for as part of WaShunga Days in Council Grove. We arrived in time for the flag-raising ceremony, and I was able to listen to the band, complete with tuba! I met the cutest little guy there--a toddler--and he was all over me! I did ok, though. TBG and SWMBO saw lots of friends there, and I even was able to say hello to one of my all-time favorite humans, Mona--my vet!

Did I mention it was hot, even at 8am?

I managed the entire 1.5 miles. The only thing that tripped me up--no, it wasn't the runners, or the baby carriages, or the other dogs--but a rubber mat that was covering up some electrical cords. It had holes in it and it kind of looked like a grate. I don't know why it scared me at first. Anyway, SWMBO and TBG wouldn't let me just jump over it, which is what I wanted to do. They made me go over it and over it and over it until I realized it wasn't a big deal! We conquered that, but it did mean we lost the rest of the pack and brought up the rear!

After the walk, we rested a bit and then walked up and down Main Street with all of the food stands, supersoaker dunk tanks, etc. We were supposed to leave before the parade started, but we got caught. The humans didn't think I should be at a parade, so they turned the air conditioner on inside the car and I got to rest in my crate while they waited out the parade. I was glad too, because I was TIRED.

You'd think that would be enough for one day, but we went back into town in the afternoon for the Duck Race. We didn't know it had been canceled because the river level was too high due to all of the recent rain. So, we just walked around some more and SWMBO bought a nice cool lemonade and I got an ice cube or two.

We met so many people and the humans were talking non-stop about CCI and handing out my cards. I hope some of the new friends that I met are reading this! Howdy!

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  1. Dear Ansel,
    Your humans are teaching you to choose your "battles" and lessons carefully. The race does not necessarily go to the one who crosses the finish line first. Overcoming your own personal challenges is where it's at. You are growing so quickly and learning so much. Jeb would be proud of you, little one.....


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