Friday, June 18, 2010

Hey, TBG: My Wireless is Down Again!

Sometimes the wireless is just know what I mean? No? Well, I didn't either, at first, until I realized this was code between TBG and SWMBO for "Ansel's brain is stuck again." NOT that this happens very often, you understand...

The reason I bring this up is because we went to a CCI Chapter Meeting last night, and my wireless was certainly NOT down! I did pretty well, considering it is a two-hour drive and then a lot of "down" time. We had a neat training exercise where we all took turns being in a down when one of us walked around everyone and tried to distract them. I also got to be the 'walking dog." That was harder!

I did get to see and play with all of my buds: Cassio, Chloe, and Raj...well, Raj didn't exactly want to play too much! That's OK; if you don't want to run with the big dogs, stay on the porch! (That's code for "Raj is just a little puppy and a lot younger than the rest of us so he was probably smart to stay apart.").

That's me and Cassio sitting together, nicely, and me and Cassio and Chloe playing together (I think CHLOE'S wireless is down in this photo!)

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  1. I've seen that look on my dogs' faces before! Y'all could scare the dickens out of us if we didn't know what sweeties you are.


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