Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Track Day at Heartland Park Topeka

So I wake up this morning and TBG is all excited, today is a track day and the best part.........I get to go!!!!

Deb and I loaded up and headed to the track. We arrived and immediately headed for some grass (if you know what I mean). TBG was at the drivers meeting so we went into the trailer to wait. All of a sudden there was lightning and thunder and the skies opened up. It was raining cats and squirrels, I've never seen so much rain and it was coming down hard! It let up for a couple of minutes and TBG comes flying around the corner and into the trailer. He slipped on the wet ramp and almost busted his butt. It was pretty funny and I laughed pretty hard!

We stayed in the trailer for a long time, gave me some practice time for my down stays. Actually, I was relieved that I didn't have to walk around. Deb took me out for a long walk this morning and I was still kinda tired.

After the rain let up, a couple of TBG's friends came to the trailer and I got to meet them. Real nice guys and Skip was there with his cool new Parnelli Jones edition Mustang!!

Here are a few pics of the rain.

TBG had me check'n for leaks (instead of taking one)

That's just a sprinkle.......get that car on the track Geezer!

TBG looks real happy doesn't he!

I hope I get to go next time, I really want to show the old man the fast way around the track!

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