Friday, June 18, 2010

Last time I open my Yapper

Well, I came to a realization tonight. That would be to keep my mouth shut if I get excited about something!
If you read my post earlier today, I was pretty excited about receiving my "real" cape, that show of exuberance came back to bite me in the rear. TBG (The Big Guy) and Deb decided that it was a GREAT idea to take me with them into town to pick up the registration packets for tomorrows big walk.

What an evening that turned out to be! We started off at the Dairy Queen where we sat at the outdoor tables and watched the traffic pass by. I was pretty good, but noticed it was rather warm out. We then headed downtown past the river walk and to the stores. We met up with Matt and Sarah, who were having a dinner date on Main Street.
We then started out and met TBG's Chiropractor and his girlfriend. After that, it became a blur of kids, teens, strollers, dogs and adults. I've never seen so many people. There were oh so many wonderful smells of waffle cones. elephant ears, corn on the cob and corn dogs..............sorry, I had to wipe the drool off my mouth.

We finally made it to the registration area and picked up our paperwork. Headed back to the car (which I was glad to see) and TBG fired up the AC for me. I think I'll turn in early, it appears I'm gonna have a long and fun filled day tomorrow.

We met so many people I didn't have time to take any pictures, so I had Mark take one of me as we walked back to the car. You'll notice the tongue hanging out, did I mention it was HOT?

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  1. Dairy Queen?!?! Awesome idea on a hot night. But you didn't mention anything about anyone letting you have a lick of vanilla cone - what kind of gulag are TBG and SWMBO running?


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