Friday, June 25, 2010

My First Day

Well, it really happened! SWMBO said that I did so well at puppy class, that it was time to start acclimating me to the work place. So, we loaded up this morning and went to campus! SWMBO said I did really, really, really, really well. I met lots of folks--most of them were friends of Jeb--so they understood service dog protocol and let SWMBO explain proper protocol and such. I'm still working on my licking (I should say everyone else is working on it as they did good about removing themselves when I'd go to lick a hand or finger). I didn't even have many excitable greetings!

It WAS a little sad leaving TBG this morning, though. Goodbye Yoda!

At least I had a place to take a nap.

But, I got bored after a while and had to find something to do.


  1. Oh My, Ansel!!! A trip to the University is an honor that must be earned. You must be making great progress. I shared a University office with Deb and Jeb and I understand what you are saying about treats, no getting up and running around unless invited and appropriate....
    I love the photo of you reading the "manual" about animal assisted therapy! It's good to gain knowledge when in the hallowed halls of higher education.

  2. From puppy class to the University - you must be on the accelerated track - way to go!


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