Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thursday! Friday! Saturday!

Who knew so much could happen in three days, especially after such a long hiatus? I have so much to share, I am going to have to take it day-by-day.


Me and TBG had to work out our schedule again, and get back in the groove (he IS a product of the 70s you know). We went to puppy class also and it was great! I learned so much--especially about having a "gentle mouth". This is definitely something that I need to work on. I know that Jeb was often given treats as a part of the therapy sessions that he did with clients--all under SWMBO's close supervision to ensure he didn't gain weight or get "people food", of course. We also practiced lots of commands with lots of distractions. I was proud of myself. I think the humans were proud of me too!

I got to go to K-State again with SWMBO. I met lots of people, rode the elevator, and even conquered the bathroom stall (it is NOT what you are thinking!). That has been quite a challenge because they are so small. I kinda didn't understand the whole turning around thing. Now I get it, and even started to understand the concept of "under" with the sinks.

A nice surprise at the office was that there were bookmarks waiting for me--with me on them! I'm a star. One of the nice people I met last week had taken some pictures of me and made me these nice bookmarks to share with my adoring fans. I'm even on HER bog! Check me out at

I did really, really good for about six hours, but then disintegrated when we stopped at Pet* to pick up more puppy chow. Oh well!

Saturday was the bestest ever! The humans worked outside most of the day, so I practiced my quiet kennel time--in the air conditioning, of course! Then, we went to the Duck Race. This is a fundraiser where folks can "buy" a rubber duck and then they (that's the ducks, not the humans) are all released into the Neosho River and the first one to the finish line wins. The humans had two ducks in the race (and they didn't win). However it was a hoot--wait, make that a quack--watching all of the goings-on. I must tell you, in complete confidence, that I received so many compliments on my behavior! In fact, I did so awesomely fantastically well that the humans thought I might be ready for my first restaurant experience. I knew it would be cool inside, and I was hot, hot, hot, so it sounded good to me.

Well, the humans said they supposed they could take me to the local restaurant and force themselves to eat homemade pie so that I could benefit--aren't they the greatest, most unselfish humans ever? SWMBO had lemon meringue and TBG apple with homemade whipped cream. I had some trouble with figuring out how to fit under the table at first, and still wanted to indulge in my little hoovering behavior--well, geez, the humans were eating--why shouldn't I?--but generally, the humans were pleased. They even got into a conversation with two very nice gentlemen in the next booth, and ended up talking about someone they all knew--one of Jeb's favorite humans EVER!--an older adult who has passed on. It really made me sit up and take notice (not literally, as I was in a "down").

Sure hope I can live up to all of the Jeb-this and Jeb-that talk that I am always hearing! Anyway, see pictures of my adventures below!

Me at K-State (Last Week)

The Ducks Are Coming!


Tired, Hot and at the Restaurant

The Pie The Humans Forced Themselves to Eat

Me and One of My Humans

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