Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Puppy Program Manager:

You might remember me, I don't know. My name is Ansel III. I weigh 52 lbs now. I have been trying to learn the "car" command and have run into a wall. If the humans use a 12" platform: no problem! I will jump right in when they say "car". I also have no problem getting into the side doors, but when those humans take away the platform, well, it is like they are asking me to jump the moon! What am I--a cow? (Think about that one--you'll get it). They've tried removing the kennel and putting down a big rug so I won't slide, and they've used tasty treats to entice me in. But, hey, I am just not going to attempt this dangerous and scary feat without a platform!

I mean, the bumper is 24" off the ground, which is the same height as the short fence I have up in the backyard. Yea, so I jumped that fence when my ball bounced over it one time, but I can't convince the humans that it just isn't the same thing! So what that SWMBO has to lift me into the car every time we go to K-State? I mean, really, is that too much to ask for someone as cute and cuddly as me?

So Dear PPM, please settle this dispute with the humans. Should I be jumping in and out of the blue bomb at this point in my young life?



P.S. I have attached a picture of the car.

Dear Scared-to-Jump-in-Council-Grove,

I am here to tell you that the car is not too high for you. We see puppies like you all the time that don't like to make the effort...or they don't think they can jump that high, even though they can.

I suggest that you instruct your humans to put your food into the car every night. You will build a positive association and WANT to jump into the car--won't you?

I also recommend that you practice a lot of jumps of varying heights on different surfaces. Don't be scared; just keep practicing!



  1. Dearest Ansel,

    In case you have have wings! You are part puppy angel and so you can fly once you get your paws off the ground. Just ask for and grab the magic sky hook that is always available to you. Once you have hold of the hook your paws can clear that problem. BELIEVE!

    A true puppy lover

  2. Ansel--I think i am going to start getting my husband to pick me up and put me in the car whenever we go somewhere. I don't think that is too much to ask for someone as cuddly as me...

  3. Dude- looking good in the waves! The Mastercraft shot looking off into the distance is def the $ shot!!! Wait til they let you drive... i think you might weight enough/be tall enough now.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures...


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