Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pool Party!

As I noted earlier, we were going to a pool party today. Let me first take a moment to thank our generous hosts: they are the best friends a pup could have!

We drove to the big city and arrived at their house. I met Benita first since she is a skilled companion dog from CCI. We had a blast racing around the house and playing tug-o-war!

Then Brie (CCI facility dog) showed up and we had a three-way chase fest going on. We kind of got a little too rambunctious, so the humans took us outside.

Lo and behold, there it was....a magnificent clear blue pool. At first I was a little leery, being used to lake and pond water (that you can't see into), but after one splash I was hooked. I must have swam (swum?) a hundred miles today. It was so much fun, I hardly wanted to get out!

Belle arrived and there was more swimming and chasing than you could shake a stick at. Belle, Benita and myself would take turns getting out of the water and shaking all over Brie (he's chicken of the water). We taunted him pretty hard, but he took it quite well and didn't get too upset at us.

I paid close attention to how well Benita swam. I think at one point she must have been an Olympic gold medalist, cause she looked like Michael Phelps in the water.

Benita's human gave us a show on the slide and then did some awesome cannonballs. He also threw the water toys for us.....a lot, it was a great day!

Here's a shot of me and Benita in the pool.

I think it is time...time for a loooong catnap!

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