Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Past, Present, Future....

You remember that I just talked about the wonderful time we had at the pool party...the humans were rehashing it earlier, and were talking about the symbolism of the afternoon. I wasn't sure what they meant, at first. What I gather is that our hosts first met Jeb way back in the day. They learned about service and skilled companion dogs from him. Eventually, they decided to bring a CCI dog into their own home, for Luke. That's Benita.

Well, I met Luke for the first time at the pool party, and we got along famously, as you can see by the photo.

Luke really helped out with my training that day. He'd throw the toy into the pool for me and helped me work on controlling my excitable greetings and excess energy. So, because of his experience with Benita, he was helping to train me! The past (Jeb) merged with the present (Benita) and flowed into the future (me). I guess it kinda meant something big to SWMBO and TBG.

What's really weird is how similar my picture with Luke is to Jeb's famous one that was used in one of the CCI calendars and in the book "Love Heels"...when SWMBO figured that out, there were a lot of tears...jeez! It's hard to be me, sometimes (do you know they call me "young Skywalker"?)

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  1. This touched my heart deeply. Ansel, you are a fine pup and your humans are truly amazing. Love to you all.


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