Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ahoy Mates!

The humans decided to take me boating this morning. I was very excited. They go fairly often and always come home talking about how much fun they have.

We loaded up the boat with all the goodies and headed out to the Council Grove Lake. TBG backed the boat into the water and unloaded. Me and SWMBO stayed in the truck and drove it up to the parking area. When we got down to the dock, TBG was waiting for us. It took me a minute to figure out the proper procedure for getting into the boat, but it was easy after a little thought!

TBG backed us away from the dock and off we went. We headed straight to some calm water where TBG stopped the boat and held a short classroom session. He explained to me the "safety rules". No jumping into the water, no eating the seat vinyl, no barking at other boaters and no PEEING in the boat! He got irritated with me when I started laughing at his rules.

We rode around a little more and that was fun because I had my fur in the wind.

I thought this was a nice pic of me and Deb

We stopped and just floated around, listening to some quality tunes when I went up to TBG and told him I had "to go". He just repeated the rule and I looked dumbfounded at him; "what do you mean no peeing in the boat? what am I supposed to do?"

I told him if I could drive the boat then we'd have a deal!

We headed over to a dock and Deb took me onto shore and let me take care of business. Went back to the boat and I started "hounding" TBG to drive. He finally relented since he had agreed to the bet and I got to drive for just a short while.....that was a blast!!

Captain Ansel and his steed

After that I was pretty hot, so TBG donned his ski jacket and jumped in. I went to the swim platform and jumped in with him. Had fun swimming around the boat and then decided I'd had enough and climbed back onto the platform (with a little help), shook off the water and hopped back into the boat.

I was getting tired after all that swimming and driving, so I just laid down with my water toy.

and then it was time for some lunch and a much deserved nap!

We headed back to the dock and loaded the boat back onto the trailer. TBG let me pull the boat up to the staging area where I let him finish up. Arrived back at the house and as soon as I hit "post", I'm gonna take me a nice long Siesta.

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