Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who Am I?

Who am I? A hint: Jeb used to do this too--to perfection! Ok, Ok, another hint: it's another breed of dog. What? You still don't get it? Think: wrinkly dog!

In addition to perfecting really important assistance dog skills like how to impersonate a Chinese Shar-Pei, I visted the vet today, just to say hello. No shots or anything! We walked on the floor, sat on the scale (BTW, I am now at 23.9 lbs!) and said hello to a client or two. From there we took a long car ride to Emporia, KS, and stopped at three or four stores. I didn't go in, but I got to practice riding in my kennel in the car, and Deb got me in and out at each stop while Mark did some shopping. One or two people happened by, which got me really excited! Deb said we have lots of control work to do--whatever that means!

Oh well, got to go--Mark said he wanted to practice my greyhound impersonation next! I'll be the talk of the kennel at turn-in time with all these advanced "skills" that I'm learning!

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