Sunday, March 28, 2010

They Must Really Love Me...Already

I mentioned that stairs are scary, right? But, I'm gonna have to get them eventually, you seems the entire Sellers' place is made up of stairs! Two concrete ones into the garage; two wooden, open ones up to the front door; and a deck off of the back (which is where the restroom is) which has several, wooden, open ones! Well, I just couldn't quite get my back half to sync up with my front half all of the time. And, the Sellers kept saying how they couldn't carry me down the stairs forever--what kind of assistance dog needs assistance getting down the stairs, anyway?

So, the big guy built me a ramp. It worked ok, but I kinda half-slid when I'd get halfway down. So, the big guy attached a rug. Now, it's perfect! I can get to the restroom up and down without help! They must really love me...already!

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