Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just woke up

Well, it's Tuesday morning and another sunny Kansas day.....finally! Got up this morning with Deb, went out, had some breakfast and then took a short nap. Me and the big guy went outside for a nice long walk. When we got back we worked on those pesky steps at the front door.....those things are scary, but I finally decided to get the better of them!

After all that, we went back inside and did some play time and then I crashed for a couple of hours. I like sleeping by the back door while the big guy works at the kitchen table.

Chow, for now.


  1. Have you had the big guy weigh you lately? All stretched out on your back like that reminds me of your cousin Shiloh who is around 40 lb. Enjoy the sun!

  2. WELCOME!! Sniffs and wiggles from Benita. I am Luke's skilled companion in Topeka. Hubri is my best buddy. We can't wait until all 3 of us yellow dogs can get together and play. Luke knows when it is best just to get out of the way and let the us pack play but he is also very good at throwing stuff for us to go get--fun fun fun.
    Keep listening and learning. Carrots are a big motivator for me.
    Take care-


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