Friday, March 19, 2010

I have arrived in Kansas

It's been a long day; I was crated up early this morning and off to the airport we went. Boarded the plane and we headed off for Kansas, but first I had to change planes in Atlanta.

I arrived in Kansas City early (I don't know why the humans complain about flying) and was met by my new handlers, Deb & Mark......they seem to be really nice people, only time will tell!
We ran around and they were petting me, it sure felt good to stretch my legs. After 15-20 minutes of that, we got into a car and traveled some more (I slept most of the way).

We arrived at my new home just as the weather started turning cold and it started to sleet after we got back inside. I heard Deb say that there will be snow tomorrow.

I've noticed these springy things on the wall, they jump around when I bite at them! I heard Deb call them door stops....whatever, they're fun. Time to go, I hear my nylabone calling. I had Mark take a pic of me so everyone could put a face to words, I'm pretty good look'n for a 22lb pup, huh!


  1. Oh you are so cute! Glad to hear you had good travel karma. You'll have lots of new experiences in Kansas with Deb and Mark - enjoy and don't drive them too crazy.

  2. Ansel,

    I think you hit the jackpot. I know these people (mark and deb) and they will spoil you!

  3. ...that nose is too cute...

    Love, Candace


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