Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hi there!

My name is Ansel III, but you can call me...Ansel. I'm a CCI puppy and I currently reside in Delaware, Ohio. For those that don't know, CCI stands for Canine Companions for Independence, which is a non-profit organization that breeds, trains and then places assistance dogs with those with physical and/or mental disabilities.

I was born January 1st, 2010 and am waiting to be placed with a puppy raiser. I'm pretty laid back, and am a nice yellow-coated Labrador. It's kinda lonely here in the kennel as my sister recently left and now I'm here by myself.

There have been some rumblings going on late today. I keep hearing "We've got to get the flight arranged and the paperwork completed, pronto." I've heard Council Grove, Kansas mentioned too. All of us puppies know that the infamous CCI facility dog, Jeb, did much of his best work in that part of the world. I've always considered him as a canine to emulate...a type of mentor, if you will...anyway, not sure what all this means, but it sure has the humans going crazy!!

That's enough for today; I'm pretty tired from watching all of the bigger dogs go thru some rigorous training. Maybe I'll get my hands on a camera soon and post a self portrait......after all, I do have a pretty famous first name!


  1. Hi Ansel, My name is Grandma Joyce and I'm happy to meet you. I wonder, since you are already 11 weeks old have you had any training at all? Or do you have to sit in the kennel all day long with nothing to do?

  2. Now that I'm done traveling, I can properly answer this question.

    What's training? I know not of this word. My days are filled with play time so far!

  3. Dear Ansel...

    Time to "get with the program". If you are ever going to walk a mile in Jeb's paws you're going to have to get going. You are such a cute pup and we are all rooting for you!


  4. Dear Ansel, WELCOME to the family!

    Jeb's one of my best friends- stealing space & toys were our favorite games! You're going to love Aunt Debbie & Uncle Marky- they're REAL fun and i hear you'll have some owls to watch. Yum- i mean- OH, HOW INTERESTING. Don't try to chase them though. Can't wait to meet you Ansel! Please post lots of photos for my humans & i to keep up with your adventures.

    Slurps and Snuggles, Kodiak


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