Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pity? or Party??

Lassiter here,

Just thought I'd chime in and give you the K-9 version of the last few days.

Ansel and I loaded up into a much nicer vehicle and went for a ridiculously LONG ride. It seemed to go on forever. Sure, we would stop every few hours and get to stretch, but we would always end up back in the car again.

After what seemed like an eternity (how long can you really play "you're it"), we finally stopped for the night in Sunbury, Ohio. It's well known to us pups what resides there. Only the greatest party spot in Ohio that's what! Where else can you go, get fed 2 squares, sleep on a clean floor, AND get to play with 20 other buds?

On Friday, we got to hang in the outdoor party cubes while the humans were working inside the building. Raj would bark everytime a human would come out so we could all look sad. Let me tell you though, when the humans were not around, it was party time baby!! I mean, we were having so much fun in those cubes, we were all drooling. It was quite funny when someone would come check on us and make comments about the drooling and how stressed the dogs looked. That my friends, was all a ruse so they wouldn't catch on to how much fun we were having!

The things we learned that day...parties at midnight, the secret paw shake, and who was the kennel wetter :^) I can't wait till February to get to experience all the fun!

So, Saturday comes and we get to attend the graduation ceremony. It was fun watching all of the "big" dogs get placed with their forever humans and it was fun to see the turn in pups up on stage. I was going to bark out some verbal jabs at Ansel, but thought better of it. Time to start acting my age you know. There seemed to be a lot of laughing and a lot of tears by the humans. Not sure about that since I was just scoping out all the potential friends for a later date.

After graduation, we went back to CCI and I got to say goodbye to Ansel. He was really looking forward to his new digs and when he learned he was rooming with Dembre, that made it even better! I can only imagine the things those guys are doing right now.

After that sad time for the humans, we got back into the car and made that ridiculously LONG ride home. Not sure why we don't fly, seems like it'd be a lot faster and much more comfortable!

Made a pit stop in Indianapolis to see some of Deb's family. I had a ton of fun and got to meet some new young friends and a couple older dog friends.

I found out that I'll be going home Thursday night, back to MY human, so I talked TBG and Deb into taking me swimming one last time. I've really enjoyed the lake while I've been here. I'm still not fond of dock diving, I'll leave that one for the crazy dogs like Ansel.

NO WAY I'm jumping from this

I do like to swim though!

Deb took some video of my impersonation of Michael Phelps!


  1. Good luck to Ansel, I bet he'll do great in AT! I also raise puppies for CCI. I am currently raising Heidi VI, my third pup. Please stop by sometime at

  2. Good boy, Lassiter! I like your video!


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