Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Challenge to You Readers

The time is drawing near...and all that crud. Anywho!

All this talk of graduation, turn-in and the good work that CCI does got me to thinking...that along with the fact that I noticed that we now have had more than 5000 "new" visitors to this site! Awesome!

So, I have a challenge for all of my readers. IF you have enjoyed reading this blog even a little bit over the past 17 months, would you consider sending $5.00 in my name (that's Ansel III in case you've forgotten) to CCI? Wouldn't it be so EXCELLENT (think Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure) if every one of you 5000 people sent just $5.00? I mean, $5.00--that's just 2 cents per post! A total of $25,000 for CCI!

To donate $5.00 in my name, go to

and click on "one-time donations."

If you are feeling frisky, and would like to donate $25 (or more) visit my own personal gift registry at CCI (go check it out in any event. It really is cute):

Just to show that I can walk the talk, I strong-armed TBG and SWMBO into sending the very first "Ansel" donation today!

Thanks everyone!


  1. It was SO, SO, SO nice to meet you guys!!!!! Thanks so much for the thoughtful gift and card. It means a lot to me! And I thought you'd like to know that because Ansel was with another intact male they switched his kennel mate....... to Dembre!!!! Those boys were playing and playing! And it made turn-in so much easier knowing that I had such a wonderful dog hanging out with my pup :)

    Regards to you and all the wonderful Kansas City chapter,

    Elijah & Hobart (I just found out)

  2. No strong-arm tactics necessary, Ansel. I got "a favorite chew toy dropped at my feet" in honor of both you and Jeb. I had Jeb's chew toy in my bottom desk drawer for years after he and SWMBO left Oregon thinking they might drop back by unexpectedly. One hates to be without a chew toy when their favorite CCI dog drops by. I finally gave it to another beloved pooch. Blessings on your journey, pup. Don't forget who raised you up....

  3. You guys are AMAZING!!!! Please keep on posting for the "foster" CCI pup :)

  4. Mark and Deb, do either of you have facebook?


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