Saturday, August 20, 2011

1st week update

Since Ansel is now in advanced training and unable to secure internet access, we (Deb and I) will be adding updates. I apologize up front if the stories are not quite up to Ansel's vivid imagination!

We have heard from our sources that Ansel has seemed to adapt well to his new home and work environment. Here is a picture of Ansel with his kennel mate Dembre.

Deb, myself and Lassiter attended the monthly meeting in Kansas City and had a great time. We got to see new pup Feldon:

and new pup Carlton:

Who is being raised by new first time puppy raisers!!

Here's a pic of Lassiter working with the hula hoop while being distracted with the toy. He did pretty good!

and last but not least, Putnam doing what he does best :^)

We left Lassiter in Kansas City so he would be there when his VPR arrives back in town. I'm sure it will be a great time when Lassiter sees his Mom again! Thanks to her for allowing us to keep him. He was a joy to have in the house and was also a great buddy to Ansel.


  1. So now that you are 'dogless' are you thinking about getting a puppy again? Maybe sooner? Love the pic of Ansel and Dembre! Poor Ansel...NO INTERNET!!!!!

  2. Current plan is to get PIT # 2 sometime April-June 2012.

  3. Good luck Ansel! Keep us updated on how things are going.

  4. Did I read PIT #2?????????? Does that stand for puppy-in-training? Those of us not in the CCI world need translation! I hope I am not putting 2 + 2 together and making in out to be 5! I know that you worked (and loved!) very hard and much on this "project" and that you learned a lot that can be shared with future PIT's and other VPR's. I still think that a book documenting the process would be great. It would bring joy and information about CCI to others. Again, I will take many copies sight unseen!


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