Sunday, August 7, 2011

Last Few Days...Last Few Pictures

Deb and I said our goodbyes at the nursing home

Goodbye, Friend-of-Jeb!

Goodbye birdies!

Goodbye everyone! Thanks for helping to train me!

We also stopped by the lake for some good fun

SWMBO finally got it!

Remember this picture from when I was just a wee pup?

Here I am training Lassiter
How to look magestic

How to share

How to do an awesome lap!

Seriously...I didn't train that!

Hold down the fort, young man!


  1. Goodbye Anonymous............


  2. nice pics and videos!

    I look forward to meeting you guys at turn-in!

  3. Awesome pictures. Good Luck Ansel. Make TBG and SWMBO proud of you- if you haven't already.

    Looks like you've taught Lassiter some good stuff.


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