Monday, February 7, 2011

Nursing Home and the Super Bowl in the same day!

I convinced Deb that we needed to go to the nursing home to see my buds yesterday. I had a great time, as usual and got a chance to practice my commands. I sure do enjoy all the smiles that greet me!

Afterwards, I was pretty tired and got to nap just long enough so I would be on my best behavior for the Super Bowl party.

I got to watch the Puppy Bowl before we left for the "other" game. There were some hotties in the Puppy Bowl...hubba, hubba.

We headed out and met up with the Mark and Deb's friends from McDowell Creek! They all knew Jeb and expected me to be the perfect service dog. I'm glad I didn't let anyone down!!
Huge thanks go out to our host; Les (AKA the Wise One). He hadn't met me yet, but was still willing to let me crash the party. We all had a great time.

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