Saturday, February 5, 2011


At our last GTG at the Crown Center, I was mildly ridiculed about my ginormous gentle leader that I had on. It's not like I can go to the store and buy the one I want!
Anyway, my buddy Raj took it upon himself to send me an appropriately sized GL. I was excited when TBG said I had a package. I opened it up, took the GL and lead out of the box and just DROOLED ! It had a padded nose band with a cool design. I was sooo excited I just had to try it on.
Imagine a person trying to put on a size 32 pair of jeans when they normally wear 36's. Well, that was me and the collar! TBG started laughing and calling me "punkinhead". I was sooo disappointed, the noseband was like a soft pillow on my nose. Oh well, I sure do appreciate my fellow CCI buddy for thinking of me!
TBG said he ordered a new GL from Terri and soon I won't be such an eyesore in public!

I had TBG snap a quick picture with it on. You can't tell, but it was really tight!


  1. so stylish, where did you find one like that? and your right your expression says it all. But I have to ask you what kind of Lab actually likes their gentle leader????? you're givin' the rest of us a bad name.

  2. Both my retired guide dog and current guide/service dog's heads are bigger than average. I just told them they needed bigger heads for their extra smart brains! Maybe you are just extra intelligent too and need the extra room.


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