Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More pics from the trip to Cabela's

Here I am pretending I'm on fire.

Forget what's behind us Raj, do you see those huge deer over there?

Some "pretend" camping!

Putnam giving us a stair walking demo.

Lassiter showing off! It was too scary for me to get under there!

Working on my "under" in a less scary place!

Putnam and Sally

Chloe and Charon heading up the stairs

Me and TBG heading up to the second floor

Raj and Mr. Moose


  1. Yeah, have to admit - saw your adventure here and it reminded me we hadn't been out in awhile! :) So, we had to totally copy your idea and swing out there.

    Looking forward to seeing you again in March!

  2. We made a trip to Cabela's with Micron, too. A different one, of course, since we're a bit aways from you guys. But went very well, the yellow dog was a pro.
    Good to see photos of Raj here. Littermate Red is being raised by another puppy raiser at my office. Handsome fellas. Maybe we'll see you at the May graduation?


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