Friday, February 25, 2011

Not much exciting going on

It gets warm, it gets cold. The sun comes out, then it snows along with ice. This is the weirdest place to grow up, I should be ready for anything that comes down the road!

Besides playing and working in the snow, me and TBG have been going to the grocery store working on proper placement when using the shopping cart. He keeps reminding me that I'm to stay with HIM, not the cart.
Everyone at the store are so friendly and nice, I even get "Hi Ansel" when I walk in. I think they all hope for me to succeed as much as Deb and TBG.

I had TBG take a picture so I'd have proof! Who put those chips in the cart, Ha Ha Ha Ha......TBG's BUSTED.


  1. Dear Ansel,
    Buddhists talk about cultivating "beginner's mind". (Don't ask about what a Buddhist is in Kansas...there may be many or not so many, I don't know....). But after reading your description of "life" I think I am working toward cultivating "dog's mind". Chop wood, carry water, sun comes out and then the snow. You are teaching me how to "be ready for anything that comes down the road". Thank you.

  2. WOW - what a neat outing! And, look how patient you are with shopping! What a good guy to have a around! :)


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