Monday, January 3, 2011

To the Vet!

So, I haven't exactly been sharing the WHOLE story with you, my peeps. I hope that you will forgive my desire for a little privacy until I had something to report.

Thing is, I haven't been exactly up to snuff the past week or so--of course, over the holidays! Because I know that I have some sensitive readers out there, I will just say that my food has not been sitting well with me this past week....though I have been feeling fine, eating, drinking, running, playing, (licking) in my usual way.

Well, after the third time, the humans decided I needed to see one of my favorite people, Mona The Vet. So, we went there, weighed in, and Mona The Vet prodded me, poked me, and listened to me (all in the very kindest way). After a bit of discussion, it was decided that I might get acidic over night, so the humans are going to go back to feeding me three times a day (woo hoo!), but one time later at night.

So, we'll give this a try and see what happens, but I am RELIEVED I have nothing more serious to report.

And, as a very nice addition to my day, I met the nicest people at Mona The Vet's. I particularly liked the girl with the Schnoodle puppy! However, no rest for the not-sick-after-all...SWMBO and I are off to give a presentation to the Manhattan Sertoma Club.

Weighing in at Mona The Vet's

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