Sunday, January 30, 2011

Phrase of the Day: Social Support Network

A bad day. A bad month. A bad year.

Whatever IT is for you, I have the solution: Social Support Network.

Fun. Happiness. Bliss.

We spent the day at Crown Center in Kansas City with my friends (think Social Support Network) Lassiter, Putnam, Raj, and Chloe. Yes, their humans (+1) were there too. What a wonderful day; what a wonderful opportunity to practice our skills in the most overstimulating environment I have been in to date; what a wonderful way to meet people and tell them about Canine Companions for Independence! (SWMBO adds: sharing ice cream at Sheridan's was wonderful too! --oh no; she didn't share ice cream with ME, if that is what you are thinking!)

Thanks so much to our Puppy Program Coordinator for all of the fun and fellowship!

See our story in pictures below.

Here They Come! Here They Come!

Seein' The Sights

Me and My Buds (Social Support Network)

Lassiter! Stop Goosin' Me!

Practicing Our Lap Command

They Love Us

"The Master" Puts Me Through My Paces With the Back Command

Practicing Our Implicit Sits--Chloe Won!

Lassiter! Christmas Is Too Over!

So Good She Can Train Two Puppies At Once!

What It is All About...

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  1. Looks like a really fun time for everyone. Wish I could have been there to see everyone together.

    From what I could see it looks as if Ansel has finally gotten control of his tongue.


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