Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm in Heaven

OK, so TBG and SWMBO decided to take TBG's younger brother out for a milestone birthday dinner. They showered and got all cleaned up. Called for me, put my "harness" on, and we headed outside. I'm thinking "cool;" I get to go! We take care of important business just like we always do before a road trip, but then we go back inside and I hear those dreaded words..."Ansel...Kennel."

What the......THEY'RE leaving me at home? Come on man, give me some love, people! Needless to say, I got to spend some "me" time at home while they went out and partied. I kept mumbling to myself about how mean and unfair it was, but before I knew it they were back.

Here are a couple pics of where they went to dinner.

I must admit though, that they obviously felt bad about it because this is what they brought home just for me!

I think I've gone to doggy heaven!! To all my fellow CCI buds: I'm bringing these with me to the meeting in KC next week. I suggest you prepare for some dodgeball!!!

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