Monday, January 17, 2011

Then and Now

After reading a fellow CCI puppy raiser's blog (Elijah & Dembre), it made me go back and grab a couple of pictures. These two pics cannot be the same pup! Hard to believe that 10 months has gone by since Ansel made the trek to Kansas. It sure has been a lot of fun. Sometimes frustrating, but fun none the less.

March 2010

January 2011


  1. WOW! He's sure grown :) I do Then and Now posts just to make myself see the difference from little puppy to the dog he is now :)

  2. Way to go are getting so big and so smart and so handsome!
    I love to see you running across the Kansas prarie in the snow.
    TBG and SWMBO are to be commended for their steadfast love and commitment to you and your training. I'm a fan!!
    Tom says "I salute the dog (that's YOU Ansel) and the people who raise them (that's YOU Deb and Mark!) :)


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