Friday, December 24, 2010

Sounds of the Season

Ever since TBG and SWMBO brought me home, I have been fascinated by sounds...all types of sounds! Yesterday, I spent the day at K-State with SWMBO, and we stopped by the Hyvee in Manhappy. Dr. Barstow had mentioned that he thought the meat counter there was kinda scary, what with the guy all in white, the big knives, relatives in the case, and the beeping SWMBO thought we should check it out. We stopped at the fish counter instead, and I can tell you that my nose was in full gear! But, I didn't see anything frightful. Maybe I can trade Dr. Barstow help in the grocery store for advice on how not to lick!

In any event, as we were leaving, we crossed paths with a Salvation Army bell-ringer. He had the coolest bell and was making these wonderful sounds! I couldn't help tail started wagging, and then my hind end started wagging, and I couldn't stop staring! So, SWMBO took me over and let me investigate that wondrous bell! I love the sounds of the season (except when SWMBO plays the "Elvis Sings Christmas" CD!)

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