Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hi there friends! I hope you all had/are having a wonderful time over the holidays. I was a bit confused (no comments, please).

My humans gave me this puzzle-thing for Christmas. I guess Dr. Barstow's human and SWMBO got together at the pet store and hatched this plan, so each of them bought a different type with the idea to switch after the first of the year. Doc and I must have been watching the poodle or something while all this was going on; but I digress!

I guess this puzzle is supposed to give the humans an idea of how smart we canines are. The human places treats underneath these little cups, and we are supposed to find them. The humans time us and can then compare results (of course, they say they would NEVER do such a thing-ya, right!) However, whoever designed this little "game" did NOT--I repeat, did NOT--have CCI dogs in mind!

Well, sure, I knew the treats were there. I went right up to the two places where SWMBO had "hid" them and licked the covers. Then I sat down, looked at her, and waited. Well, really! it's not like I am going to DO anything with that piece of equipment. I certainly am not going to paw at it, whine at it, turn it over, mouth it, bark at it, or perform any of those other absolutely uncouth behaviors that OTHER dogs might engage in! CERTAINLY NOT!

I wonder how Dr. Barstow made out with his?

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