Friday, December 10, 2010

Me and TBG went to town.

TBG took me into town today to partake of the festivities going on at his bank. Got to meet lots of people and behaved quite well if I do say so myself!

After that we stopped at "The Clothes Line" to pick up Deb's work'n duds. I met the owner and her pet Parrot. He was pretty cool, got to fly around off leash!!!! The owner mentioned that I was the first dog to come into the building that didn't scare the Parrot and make him fly into his cage. Hey.....I try hard you know!

Here's a pic of me watching the other birds.

Also, weighed myself today.....66 pounds of pure puppy fun!

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  1. Oh my! 66 pounds is A LOT OF FUN!!! :)


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