Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It was a GREAT presentation.......until I saw the sweater.

Another milestone passed last night, it was my first presentation with Deb where she talked about ME!

It was at Rambler's Steakhouse in Manhattan, KS. The Lion's Club of Manhattan invited me to come give a sample of what us pups are all about.

I gave my talking points to Deb and let her do her thing.

TBG had warned me earlier not to act like a puppy, but to act like a service dog in training. I decided to get him back during Deb's presentation by acting like I didn't know the difference between "roll" and "stand". You should have seen his face.......priceless!!

Then Deb had my buddy Bob come up so I could practice "lap". I really love this command, I get to be up close to my adoring fans!

At the end of the presentation, Deb had one of the people in the audience come up and work with me. Marsha stepped up and we did a little work. She did quite well and I think she would make an excellent volunteer puppy raiser!

I quietly laid at the table while everyone ate their dinner, but just before the meeting was to break up I just couldn't take it anymore. I had been watching these interesting snowballs and I decided it was time to investigate. Needless to say, I got into a little bit of trouble when I tried to save the snowballs form that mean sweater.

Finally, a picture of me on stage before the crowd arrived. I had a great time, met lots of really nice people and got to show what us pups are all about. Thanks to the Lion's Club for inviting us to their Christmas party!


  1. I'll drop you an e-mail, Mark. Thanks for wanting to help :)

  2. Ansel,

    I only wish you were here in Central Oregon. We have two cats ("the roll over brothers") who could teach you how to roll instead of stand. We belive in you, pup. Keep training and learning and have a wonderful holiday with the humans who love you!

    p.s. You look handsome with those pointsettias! You are quite the poser.....


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