Monday, August 23, 2010

Went to town with TBG today

TBG did some damage to his back working in the garage yesterday, so he called up his favorite doctor and made an appointment.

Much to my surprise, he starts out the door and says "lets go" to ME!! Woooo hoooooo, a car ride.

We arrive at the office in Council Grove, I don my working gear and we head in. I got to check out the reception area while TBG was signing in and then the Doc came in and took us into a smaller room. TBG was whining about back pain and such (he's such a baby). I kinda looked up and thought "just shut up and get on the table".

He laid on the table and Dr.Jeremy worked his magic. When he was finished it was if he exchanged humans. TBG was no longer whining! I had him take a pic of me in front of the table. I tried to get my own "adjustment" but TBG was having none of that.

We said our goodbyes and headed to the grocery for a quick in & out for just a few items.

I got to meet a very nice lady that knew about "my type" of dogs. I was very relaxed and gave her a firm handshake. TBG has reminded on more than one occasion that when you shake someones hand, make it a firm handshake. I think it's some strange "man" thing! I practiced a couple more "ups" and we headed home.

Funny how such a short road trip can bring on a nap.

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