Saturday, August 14, 2010

The heat was on today!

We had a whale of a storm blow through last night. Knocked the power out around 8pm and they finally got it fixed around 4pm today. Those power workers get 4 paws for their outstanding job in this summer heat.

TBG and Deb decided to take advantage of the power outage by taking me into town to work on my distraction problem. We packed up the blue bomb and headed into Council Grove.

Our first stop was at Katy Depot. The shop owner was gracious enough to let me come in and check out the cool stuff he had. There were all kinds of antiques and memorabilia. I came across Santa AND Mighty Mouse!

TBG saw an opportunity to practice "up", so we worked on that!

While I was up on the counter I noticed a sign on the wall. Thankfully, the owner said it was OK for me to sniff around....but only sniff!

We thanked the owner and headed on. We went into shop after shop and if I do say so myself, I was rock'n the commands today.

We stopped in at the Chamber of Commerce. Who would have known that Council Grove has so many historical places and sights to see?

We stopped in at Saturday Morning Boutique where the owner was very nice. Lots of neat items there, but I was careful walking around. TBG (Mark) said if I break it, I buy it! I think he had some heat related brain fade and forgot to take any pics, what a doofus.

We continued walking around town and wandered up to the Cottage House Hotel. What a great place that was. Lots of history there and it had a giant front porch to get out of the sun.

We went inside and met the owners and enjoyed some cool A/C. I found out that they are pet friendly and have a room just for those traveling with their pets! I give this hotel my 4 paw rating!!

After all that action Deb decided that I'd had enough work for one day, so we packed back into my ride and headed home. We arrived at the house, took care of "business" and I went inside and tried to hog the fan. I was like, hey....I got a fur coat on in the middle of the summer, back off dude!

After I cooled down a bit, Deb and I took a siesta by the fan. It was a nice long (deserved) nap and I felt much better afterwards. Thankfully the power came back on and it's cool once again.

My final picture is for my buddy Brie's owner, notice what's in the background???


  1. Why does Debbie sleep with her glasses on?
    Grandma Joyce

  2. You sure lead a busy life! I'm going to take a nap just from reading about your activities ;->

  3. Rock Chalk, Jayhawk...K.....U.....
    Thank you! We appreciate the recognition.

    We had fun visiting with the KC Champions group and other friends in Columbus. There were about 24 dogs at different times in the evening. We enjoyed long time friends and made some new friends. It was grand!



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