Thursday, August 12, 2010

Don't Care How...I Want it Now!

The humans took me to this magical place called Roy's Apple Market. There weren't any golden geeses there, but there were lots of interesting smells and people to see! However, the humans and I got into a bit of a tussle. It went like this:

Ansel: Hey TBG, I want my dinner.

SWMBO: Here we go again!

TBG: All right, Ansel-Dansel, all right, TBG will get you your dinner as soon as we get home.

Ansel: No, I want one of those...
And if I don't get the things that I'm after, I'm going to bark!

SWMBO: Ansel, you can't buy cigarettes!

Ansel: I want the works, I want the whole works...
SWMBO: Ansel, chocolate is dangerous for dogs!

Ansel: And now, don't care how, I want it now!
SWMBO: Really, Ansel, this behavior is quite inappropriate for a Puppy-in-Training!

Of course, I WASN'T AT ALL INAPPROPRIATE, but quite close to perfect during my first trip to the grocery. Just havin' a bit o' fun with ya!

And, if you didn't "get" this post, it is time to watch Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (NO! Not the one with Johnny Depp--Geez! Gene Wilder is the only Willy Wonka that counts!) If you don't have time to watch the whole movie again, well, thank goodness for YouTube:

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