Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mr. Ansel Goes to Topeka

Today was like a movie...and I was the star!

SWMBO had a meeting in Topeka today, for work. One of her colleagues there has been interested and supportive of the whole puppy-raising thing, and, very kindly, went to the extra effort of getting permission for me to come today! Isn't that cool?

We arrived a little early for the meeting, and SWMBO and I were taking a stroll around so that I could do my business. To our delight, we happened upon the downtown Farmers' Market! There were so many people, smells, booths, tents, and things to see...toddlers, business people, and teenagers; people using electric wheelchairs, baby carriages, and grocery carts; buses, trucks, and bikes; squirrels running in the park; talking crosswalks; I could go on!

Here I am at one of the booths where I met some really nice people.

So many people were interested in me, that SWMBO and I were almost late for the meeting even though we arrived 30 minutes early!

We entered the Curtis State Office Building and boy, is that impressive!

I had to navigate this beautiful floor (no problem!) and an elevator with other people on it (that NEVER happens at K-State!).

I did ok in the meeting, but whined a bit on and off...SWMBO couldn't figure out why, especially after she took me out to do my business and I didn't. It wasn't until after the meeting that one of the attendees told SWMBO that she was petting me with her toes under the table, and it seemed like I started to whine when she stopped...well, wouldn't you? She was a VERY nice person, and I liked playing footsie with her!

After the meeting, we walked over to the car, and SWMBO took this picture with the dome behind me...the country dog visits the big city!

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  1. Don't you know politicians can get in plenty of trouble playing footsie?! Be careful young intern.


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