Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We Know Drama! Or, Ansel's Report!

We heard from Tonya, Ansel's trainer today.

Ansel's intestinal problems appear to be getting better. They have been giving him B-12 shots and just took him off Metamucil. Poor dog has had an internal problem of one sort or another since the day we brought him home. As long as he continues to get better, she said he will be moved into Team Training (wahoooo)! Tonya said she's enjoyed training him and he has a great work ethic. He always pops up in the kennel when she enters to see if it's his turn to practice. She said that he is "high energy" when off duty and they will take this into consideration when determining a placement for him.

Along those lines...there are 12 candidates coming to Team Training and just 14 dogs. IF he can "get well" then his chances of making a match are good. She did say that he is adaptable enough that she could see him working well regardless of the category (service, skilled companion, facility). If placed as a facility dog, she did say that he would work best as an "active, task-oriented" dog, rather than one that is used more for petting and to have a calm presence. Yes, that sounds like our Ansel!

Maybe he WILL be placed with a Facility Team, continuing the great work of our much beloved and missed Jeb, for years to come! But we won't be disappointed, regardless of his career path!

Maybe...I'll be on the board one day...


  1. I'm so excited to hear that he's HOPEFULLY going to graduate!!!! Hopefully we'll all meet up again with pups graduating :D So close!!!!! I'm praying that he makes a match :D

    ~Elijah( & Hobart II)

  2. Gotta trust that you gave it your best and that our "kids" will find their way to where they are supposed to be. Best wishes Ansel. We are all rooting for you! :)


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