Thursday, February 9, 2012

February Team Training Update

Sadly, Ansel was not matched to anyone at this round of Team Training. Apparently he was more interested in toys and food than he was of people (now THAT'S the Ansel we all know!). He will be held over till the May Team Training and possibly make a match at that time. It's also possible that he could get released between now and then due to his on and off stool problem and distractability. He'll also get a new trainer for the next semester. Tonya said she really enjoyed working with him and was a little surprised that he was so distracted the last couple of days.

So, we get to wait another 3 months.


  1. Oh that's too bad! I guess he didn't want to graduate too much before his buddy Hosta. Although I think it will be at least fall before that happens.

  2. Perhaps the "right match" was just not there and that Ansel will find his perfect partner next time around. If he gets released can you get him back?

  3. We always have first dibs on the pups, but Ansel (if released) will go to some other lucky, loving family. For us, 2 dogs in the house would be one too many.


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