Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update! Update! Update!

We've been in touch with CCI recently because our "little guy" hasn't been feeling well. You know that we have had concerns about Ansel's medical condition since day 1, what with his cyclical vomiting...this recent concern has affected, ah, the other end. Anywho, we've been appreciative of his trainer, Tonya, keeping us up-to-date on how he's faring. So...we wanted to share this latest email from her with all of you!

"Ansel seems to be on the mend (let's keep fingers crossed). We did a (removed for the faint-of heart). We have him on antibiotics to treat the infection, b12 supplements and a product to aid in digestion health. Hopefully this will do the trick.

You might be wondering how this has effected training. He is continuing to do well learning the commands and is still a little rowdy in the exercise yard. Our biggest concern at this time is the loose stool. We will see how he responds to treatment when considering placement this February Team Training."

Come on, little guy, get well!

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  1. Fingers crossed and prayers flying that Ansel will be well enough to take the next step. He has had every opportunity. Nature? Nurture? It all comes together at some (many, actually) points to give us a glimpse of our gifts and challenges. Fingers crossed and prayer flying...


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