Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September Report Is In

Good news and bad news today.

Good news is that Ansel is still in training. He seems to be doing well, is willing to learn and is trainable. His trainer will start working on his commands using a wheel chair next month. He exhibits some of the same behaviors that he did with us, like pulling on the leash and whining, but apparently not so much as to warrant release.

Bad news is that he was not chosen to be a breeder and will be neutered. He obviously was not paying attention when I explained how his life COULD be! Oh well, not like that comes as a surprise.

Overall, we're happy that he's doing OK and still in the program....for now.


  1. YAY Ansel! Way to go! Keep up the good work! Although, I'm sure your puppy raisers are crying that they won't get any little Ansel's running around! ;-)

  2. Awesome news Ansel. What a good boy. Sorry that no one will ever get an Ansel 3 puppies. I know how much your PRs wanted one! :)

  3. This is SOOOOOOOOOO like being a parent! (Not the neutering part...). It's easy to feel that somehow you could have done something differently and changed the outcome. However, each of our "offspring" has their own path. Repeat after me.....nature AND nurture. No one on the nurture side is completely in charge. And when you are a parent you have to fess up to providing the nature side as well and still can't ensure the outcome! You guys are in great shape and Ansel still has a good chance for success.....

  4. Ansel's PRs, Please stop by our blog to receive your award!

  5. So happy!!!!! Sorry to hear that he's out of the breeder program!

  6. Congrats on the good AT report. Yaxley says, sorry dude, about the surgery. He understands the sacrifice.


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