Sunday, September 25, 2011

Looking Forward to Wednesday

Well, the Human-Animal Bond Conference is over and now it is time to look forward to Wednesday...when we will receive Ansel's next progress report (assuming he is not released between now and then!) His trainer will send us a standardized form with her ratings and comments. The one question we are most interested in seeing the answer to is the one that asks, "Do you want to see more of this dog?"--meaning: "Do you think this dog should go into the breeding program?" Although this rating in and of itself won't determine Ansel's future as a potential stud, it is the first hoop that he has to clear to move onward.

So stay tuned!

Ansel and his studly self...


  1. I will probably see the two pups on wednesday! I didn't get a chance to last week, because the pups got moved to the back kennels! I'm also anticipating Dembre's 2nd report!!!

  2. Mark, you need to see a doctor/*vet* about that cough. It sounds like you are hoping that Ansel goes on as a stud as opposed to being a therapy dog. Is that correct or am I reading that in? I'm sure you want him to be of service in the manner that is best for him and his (ahem)"gifts". (I think I am blushing....) Keep us all posted.


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