Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time's Up, Youngster!

And stop calling me Yoda!

Geez, young'uns, I tell ya! Carver and I managed to sneak out of the kennel. It wasn't easy, but we were extra motivated. The office was totally rockin' yesterday, and one of the staff left their computer on at the end of the day! Well, I was drawn to it like a moth to flame, as you can well imagine. But, being the generous soul that I am, I showed Carver how to use the computer first and let him do a practice post. It wasn't terrible for a first try. I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I am quite afraid writing skills are not as appreciated by the CCI trainers as they should be.

Who's Carver? Well, Carver and I have become acquainted over the last few days. He's awfully young and naive, and I have felt it necessary to take him under my paw a bit. You see, he's just 8 weeks old, a Lab Cross, and pretty needy. He keeps asking me all of these questions about my life, and what I've done, and how I got here. It's quite annoying, actually, but I feel like I have to be polite and indulge him. Anyway, he just loved all of my stories, and I am a bit embarassed to say that I think he has a bit of a hero complex about me. He started just begging me to help him get over to the Sellers' household so that he could follow in my pawsteps.

My pawsteps! Humph! I had to set that whippersnapper straight and tell him about the real pawsteps that ALL CCI pups aspire to fill--those of Jeb, the Graduate Dog Extraordinaire! So, of course, he was FULL of questions about him. I did my best to share Jeb's legend with the youngster. I think that was a mistake, because then he was even more insistent that he just had to get to Kansas! At first there was NO WAY I was going to let this insistent, impertinent, know-nothing-of-a-puppy carry on with TBG and SWMBO. But, Dembre heard us talking and chimed in that he heard TBG was missing me quite a bit, and that softened my heart...

Well, I can't give away all of our secrets here, but suffice it to say that I have arranged to have Carver II shipped to the Sellers' household on Monday. I just hope that TBG is up for THIS challenge!

And, if you REALLY want to find out more about the young grasshopper, go to

CARVER, NO! Get off the scanner! (Have fun, TBG!)


  1. You're quite the all-around-good-guy and mentor, Ansel. So generous of you to give a referral to Carver. I send you lots of slurps and tail-wags and hope you are living up the Jeb's legend. Keep it up......and keep us posted on your journey.

  2. So they finally got a young gun to fill the hole you left, Ansel? Hurray for them. No offense to you, Ansel, of course!

  3. WOW Ansel! Way to really talk up how amazing your puppy raisers are! Way to hand pick out their next puppy to! Man, mentoring and studying, all after being neutered! You are one talented pup! Hats off to you!

  4. When can we expect to hear an update about Ansel. I am finding myself torn between infatuation with the new pup and some loyalty to Ansel. How did his (ahem) surgery go? Is it typical at his advance age to have this done?
    I hope all is well...........

  5. We should get the next report Wednesday...if he doesn't get released before that!


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