Sunday, November 14, 2010

Went into the "Big City" Saturday

It's a running joke if you live in the "sticks" about going to town or the big city. Around these parts, Manhattan is the designated big city; LOL.

Anyway, we loaded up my motor coach (aka the Blue Bomb) and headed into Manhattan. Check out my new cover!

We had a lot of stops today. We went to Petco (my favorite), then over to Bed, Bath & Beyond. After that we went to Best Buy and then Greek to Me. GTM has lots of K-State stuff. I had TBG take this pic of me and Deb. Notice she's wearing Gator attire.

I convinced TBG and SWMBO that I'd behave if we went to the mall, so off we went. Here are a few pics of me at the Town Center.

Mmmmm, chocolate!

What the heck???

As we were walking around the mall, I stumbled across a book by.....none other than......

WOW!! That guy takes GREAT pictures!

After the mall we stopped by the bowling alley and watched for awhile. I tried to get TBG to play a game, but he kept babbling on about not having opposable thumbs or some such nonsense!

Overall, had a great outing. I got to meet a lot of new people and some really fun kids!

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