Thursday, November 11, 2010

SWMBO's "Dessert-ion"

It's not my fault that there have been no recent blog posts, friends. SWMBO (She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed) "dessert-ed" me for a week and left me with TBG (The Big Guy). My outings have been mundane, boring, routine (hmmm, kind of like TBG...anyway, I digress...)

So, it SOUNDED like SWMBO had a good reason to leave. She presented with a favored colleague at a conference in Portland, Oregon. However, the pictures she brought back tell a different story! Looks to my like it was all good friends, beautiful scenery, and great food!

Examples of SWMBO's "Dessert-ion"...

Enjoying FRESH seafood

Drinking a FREE Chocolate Shot

Buying "real" coffee to bring home to TBG

Sharing Huckleberry Slump with friends on the Deschutes River (in Bend)


  1. We are in the North Central Region, but a loooong way away! Council Grove is about 2hrs SW of Kansas City.

  2. forget Kansas for a moment....did you see that HUCKLEBERRY SLUMP from the Great Northwest??? Poor Ansel and TBG missed out on a great trip but you were not forgotten. We spoke of you often between bites of huckleberry, with ice cream dripping down own chins.....
    Wish you had been there! :)


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