Tuesday, November 2, 2010

K-State Outside Justin Hall

Did you know that there is more to K-State than Justin Hall? No, seriously? I didn't until yesterday! SWMBO had a meeting in Coles Hall--part of the VetMed complex.

And...there was a me there! Well, kind of a me...But a KSDS Puppy-In-Training, Dr. Barstow. He's a yellow Lab like me, but a bit taller and thinner (and older-ha! OK, so it is only by 6 weeks...)

We both had to really work on controlling ourselves, because we wanted to play and bound around. Boy, that was hard. I was tired afterward, and a little cranky when TBG woke me up!


  1. Hey Ansel!
    It was good to meet you yesterday!
    Hope to get to play with you sometime when we aren't working!
    Your friend
    Dr. Barstow

  2. We know Barstow! Glad you had a sighting! How fun!


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