Monday, June 4, 2012

Ansel's Graduation

It finally arrived, the day every puppy raiser longs for...GRADUATION! Our little pup has grown up and fulfilled his destiny. We could not be more proud of Mr. Ansel.

Deb and I had prior commitments that could not be altered and were unable to attend this wonderful day. In our place, we had Kansas City's very own CCI Volunteer Extraordinaire Aunt Marty, stand in for us at the graduation ceremony. She got some "me" time with Ansel and then had the privilege of handing over the leash to Joe; Ansel's new buddy and lifelong friend!

We heard that it was a great time had by all and that all of the KC Chapter attendees got to meet Joe and his wife Denise. I was lucky to have met them the week prior and got to see Ansel's new digs.

Here are a few pictures of the great day!

Marty and Ansel

I think someone called Ansel's name!

Joe and Ansel

We would like to thank CCI, the staff, all the volunteers, the Kansas City Chapter, friends, family and everyone that played a part in Ansel's training. We especially thank Aunt Marty for standing in for us at graduation. We know that Ansel has been matched to the perfect person and are really thankful to Joe and Denise for opening up their home to Deb and I.

THIS, is the best feeling.


  1. Aw, that was so nice of Marty to stand in for you and I'm sure she thought it was an honor to stand in for such a great pup as Ansel!!! Can't wait to follow all of Ansel's future adventures!

  2. Look at Ansel's smiling face in the last photo of him and Joe. You can tell he's a very happy boy! It was wonderful to watch this very happy occasion. Auntie Linder


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