Wednesday, May 9, 2012

He did it!!!!!!

We got the phone call that we'd been waiting for. Ansel made a match at Team Training and will become a Service Dog. He'll get to work and play in Ohio, all the while wearing the coveted blue cape!

We are so happy and proud of our little man.

Pick up day, March of 2010

Some fun time at the lake

Playing in the snow

Turn in for advanced training

Way to go Ansel!

I'm sure Jeb is smiling with his goofy "Larry" face.


  1. He's a ROCK STAR!!!!! Way to go Ansel! Happy dance! So proud of you!

  2. Hey Mom and Dad. . . . Yes, I did!!! I got placed this time! Aren't you proud of me? I was chosen to be a service dog for a gray-haired guy who lives on 5 acres (in the middle of the woods) in Powell, Ohio. This should be great fun! They tell me the guy had a sailboat accident that left him partially paralyzed. From what I see, he really needs my help. For the next week and a half (before graduation), I need to teach him everything that you taught me. He is catching on slowly. I hope he gets it together so we're not embarrassed at graduation! However, no worries, as I'll whip him into shape.

    I'll talk to you soon, Ansel

  3. Hey Ansel, so good to read your musings again. I see you still have that keen sense of humor. Was that your SWMBO-in-training who posted back in March by any chance?

    How cool is all of this? We're very excited to see you in a blue cape and meet your new peeps!

    See you soon Buddy!

  4. Way to go Ansel!!!!! Very proud of you! I bet you'll keep these new peeps amused with your crazy! tongue!

  5. Dear Ansel....

    All who love you and have been following your story are sending a big shout-out and are sheding tears of joy. We always knew that you would find your match and now you have. What a blessing for you and those who raised you to know that you will be doing the work you were born and bred to do. I remember when I met SWMBO and Jeb and she told me that he was "born to serve". What an awesome mission. I do believe that many, animal and human alike, are from this "tribe". You will be forever "one of us" in all you do. Be proud, young man, along with those who helped you get to your destination. Wish I could be at graduation! Love all ways, always....

    Anonymous in Oregon

  6. Wonderful news! The Sword House dogs are sending hearty tail wags to you. We'll see you at graduation on the 18th!

  7. Hooray for you and your new partner! I am so proud of you and the fine dog you have become. I always knew this would be your mission and to know that you will be so close when we come to Ohio for visits makes it even more special. Your Mom and Dad love you very much and are very excited to see you soon. Love, Aunt Linda & Feldon

  8. Wow - what great news! Brought tears to my eyes. Kudos to all that worked with him!

  9. Congratulations!!! Happy Dance for all of you!!! =)

  10. YEAH ANSEL!!!! I am so happy for him and you and his lucky guy! Wishing everybody hearty congratulations!


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