Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monthly Report Is In!

We just heard from Gwen, Ansel's "new" trainer, via an emailed, monthly report. She let us know that he has NO current health concerns! YEA!

All his old behaviors are still there: anxiety, forging, rough play with other dogs, whining...

She also said their main activity is concentrating on proofing at the center and in public as he knows all of his commands. He seems less responsive in public than what she would expect but she is seeing improvement as the field trips continue. Otherwise, he is doing "well" and her "fingers are crossed for May Team Training...."

I pulled this oldie but goodie to share today. Is that really my Ansel?


  1. Fingers crossed Ansel will graduate in May! What a cutie!!

  2. What a great looking guy......we're still keeping our fingers and paws crossed for him. Auntie Linder and Feldon

  3. Way to go Ansel. We're so proud of you!!!! I miss that happy tongue!

  4. I've been following your blog for a long time now while my husband has been on the waiting list for a cci dog. Well he was invited to the May team training so now I'm looking forward to meeting you.

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    How wonderful! Team training will be a life-changing experience. Wouldn't it be odd if you were to end up paired with Ansel III?

    Mark and I are so touched that you have found Ansel's writings worth following. Have you found the blog for our new pup, Carver?


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