Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sometimes All You Need Is A Picture...Or Two

My day at the nursing home on Sunday started off routinely...

Stopped to say hello to the flock in the aviary.

And to Pretty Boy.

Always glad to say hello to the hard-workin' staff!

Entertained everybody with my musical skills, too.

Also got to meet a Friend-of-Jeb from waaay back.

Jeb, Jeb, Jeb...that's all I hear about! And, if you think I'm exaggerating, just look what's posted on the door to the nurses' office! Jeb's picture!

Definitely not Jeb! Look out! This is a one-dog facility, Mister!

But this crew was just...strange!

Horrifying, actually! What a way to end the day!

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  1. Don't be jealous, dear Ansel. Our Jeb paved the way for you and you will be every bit as great as he was. But you can't be all that he was yet. He had experience that you haven't had. Cool your jets young Ansel. Know that you are loved and that we expect great things from you.


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